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New Beginnings Health PC in South Weymouth, MA provides care for those who need help in dealing with addiction. To encourage others, we publish articles.


Thought for Today: "All The Darkness In The World Cannot Extinguish The Light Of A Single Candle" -Sir Francis of Assisi

"Hello New Beginning Family. I hope your day is beautiful and blessed and that all things are working out for you this day. I wanted to encourage everyone to realize that each of you is a prime example of how hard work and commitment can create an amazing life of victory.

As we face the challenges of today we should realize that our internal light will always shine through and illuminate our path towards victory in whatever challenge we may face. Many times our current choice appear to lead us to a dark road of uncertainty and loss.

If we allow that internal light of hope to shine it will help us cut through the cloud of fear and discouragement. Never give up hope or belief. Persist in hope and work each day to take anothe step in the direction of yor dreams.

Eventually you will have enough steps and actions that a new and secure future will take shape. Keep hope allways. Hope and persistent action are an unstoppable force. "Every Skyscraper Began With A Single Brick". Keep building your skyscraper.". " Dr. Alphonso Brown" 2/8/20

Until we speak again.:)



Alphonso Brown, MD
Director, New Beginning Health PC

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